April 15, 2014

Talented & Gifted Showcase Highlights Real World Tech

Throughout the year, our TAG students work on various research projects. These projects range anywhere from researching future careers to possible pets they would like to own. Upon doing all the hard work and gathering their information, they are asked to create a final product. The students create a presentation using either Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi, an online presentation tool. When working on these presentations, students are charged with the task of adding their researched information, inserting pictures and short videos. They also learn how to change fonts, colors, backgrounds and include transitions.  In addition to their presentation, they create to a second end product of their choosing. These second products sometimes include making short videos using Animoto, an online short movie maker. Students enjoy using these various programs as they allow creativity. As an added bonus, these programs require a certain degree of problem solving, as students have to figure out how to customize their projects. 

While the projects are presented in class to their peers, their hard work doesn't get near the attention and accolades they deserve. Recently, our Voigt TAG students were invited to share their hard work and projects at a district event. Ten of our 2nd-5th graders seized the opportunity to present one of their favorite projects from this year. They were able to share their projects with their families, as well as community members. Mrs. Stockton, the Voigt TAG teacher, couldn't be prouder of all the hard work these students put into their projects.

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