February 27, 2013

Activ Learning in Fourth and Fifth Grade

Each student in fourth and fifth grade enters a classroom each day which is equipped with "Activ-Learning" tools, including a Promethean ActivBoard and the ActivExpression learner response device system. How does this engage them as learners? Students are excited to interact with information in a new way, an active way. New information and opportunities for practice are presented in a visually engaging way, providing students with hands-on learning experiences which makes learning fun! Here's how they are using it:

  • During math instruction, we are studying angles and the students are able to use the digital protractor to measure various angles on the board.
  • As a review for area and perimeter, students responded with their Activotes to several teacher created questions and were able to show their strategies for problem solving by writing on the board with the Activtools. 
  • We have been doing a power writing flipchart everyday for writing.  We use all kinds of different revealers (Ipod, Cow, Cupcake & Others) to wipe away the magic ink!
  • We have been doing task cards in math and reading as a class and using the Activexpressions to submit their responses. They love texting in!
  • We use our Activboard in combination with our document camera as our engage and then follow through while explaining the new content.

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