November 26, 2012

Vocaroo for Reading & Writing

Second grade students in Mrs. Laredo's class found a new way to practice their reading skills. Utilizing a new Web 2.0 tool called Vocaroo, students are able to record their voices using a computer and microphone headset as they are reading from their leveled readers. They then pass the headphones to their reading buddy and they listen and follow along in the text. This repeated practice helps students increase reading fluency. They are able to rerecord easily if they aren't satisfied with what they hear.

The class has begun collecting their Vocaroo recordings in order to create a digital classroom library! Using another Web 2.0 tool called Wallwisher, students are able to share their stories easily by copying and pasting the link provided by Vocaroo. Vocaroo can also be used for proofreading; students can read what they've written and listen back to make additions or corrections. Classmates can listen to each other's recordings and since it's on the web, we can share our stories with you too! Click to listen.  Check back to see how we continue to use Vocaroo and Wallwisher in the classroom.

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