October 30, 2012

Our Interactive Classrooms

Whether it's making your lunch choice on the Promethean board or using the laptops as part of a literacy center, students are experiencing a technology-rich, interactive classroom due to the technology that's made available to them. Students in Mrs. Laredo's second grade class use the document camera throughout the day to work on math problem solving and point out features of a non-fiction text. Students in Mrs. Schalchlin's fourth grade classroom build bar graphs in math on word magnets using the Triptico app and play a matching concentration type game on light energy. To test their knowledge, students interact with websites such as the BBC Science Clips for Kids, where they can complete virtual science experiments, in this case circuits and conductors. Of course all of this is possible because each of our classrooms is equipped with a ceiling mounted projector, sound system and a computer. Students in Mrs. Sandoval's third grade classroom learn how to make bar graphs using Microsoft Excel and extend their learning by drawing conclusions and presenting their information in various graphing modes. Our teachers continue to harness the power of the web. By integrating it into their teaching, students are actively engaged in topics being studied!

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